Why Dark Kitchen?

The home service historically provided by restaurants implies, on the part of the customer, the acceptance of a dish that has a much lower quality level than the standards of the restaurant that produces it.

Putting the end customer at the center of the project, we have developed a gastronomic offer that exploits the creativity of the chefs, the quality of gastronomy and the convenience of large-scale distribution.

The customer, by easily regenerating DK dishes at home, can enjoy a qualitatively excellent dish, effectively eliminating the sacrifice dictated by home delivery.

It is frustrating to have to eat a dish that is potentially magnificent but, consumed long after its production, has deteriorated beyond repair. DK is the ideal solution for eating like in a restaurant at home.

Creativity of the restaurant, quality of gastronomy, practicality of large-scale distribution.

Because life is too short to eat bad food.